RC Model aircrafts exhibition and shows are very exciting events for all flying enthusiasts. In these events we showcase different types of aircrafts including RC electric planes, combustion engine planes, multicopters, control line planes, helicopters, FPV and many other planes.

Since 2016 we have conducted more than twenty events all around kerala and at various places in tamilnadu. Model aircraft shows and exhibitions are two different events. If you opt for exhibition, then we will showcase different types of aircrafts at the stalls you set up for us. We will conduct a demonstration flying and an interactive session with the audience. The exhibition is a full day event with intermittent flying demonstrations for the crowd.

And if you go for model aircraft shows we will perform different aerobatic manoeuvres, combination flyings etc using rc planes, drones and helicopters. The show will last upto 30 to 40 minutes.

For airshows we have some prerequisites like

  •       A bigger ground and clear airspace (100m x 50m or bigger)

  • Charging Setup (electric power points )

  • Stall near to the field for keeping aircrafts

We have different packages for exhibitions and shows for details feel free to contact us.