The idea behind Crosswind was born in 2011, to a group of Aeronautical Engineers who were natural enthusiasts of aviation. Unfortunately, their long-standing passion was overshadowed by their overwhelming career goals.

Although the initiative was absent, their thirst for exploration, adventure and innovation continued to taunt them. Further experiences in life convinced us that humans are naturally addicted to laziness, which prevents them from finding new ways and abandon the old for a better future. We wanted to be the change we wanted to see in the world, by using what knowledge we’ve acquired, and prove to people that everybody can achieve what they want, as long as they have the will to be successful.

This has ultimately been our motive for starting this company. Initially, our company was just a bunch of friends trying to accomplish what they believed in. But as time has progressed, we managed to establish ourselves in the fast lane of the world. We are constantly trying to improvise on our techniques and ideas, whilst solving challenges for the better education and entertainment for the average human being. Crosswind is a place where you can learn, create, have fun, experience new things and build lasting memories. We value each and every one of our benefiting individuals. Join us in this venture and bring forward your inner adrenaline junkie!