Ornithopter Workshop

An Ornithopter is an aircraft that flies by using the same mechanism as birds: flapping its wings instead of using engines for propulsion like most of the modern-day aircrafts. The following topics will be covered in this module:

Basics and Familiarization


  • History of ornithopter
  • How do birds fly and basics of Aerodynamics of flapping wing flight
  • Ornithopter and its parts
  • Understanding the mechanisms involved in design of flapping-wing flight

Designing and Fabrication


  • Designing of ornithopter
  • Brief discussion of material selection
  • Improving the Ornithopter efficiency
  • Cutting methods and building tips
  • Balancing the CG of the glider

Flying and activities


  • Demonstration of cranking of ornithopter
  • Launching techniques
  • Check out the Ornithopter performance and find the areas need to improve
  • Make changes to the Ornithopter and recheck the performance

Flying kit and basic amenities included

Course certificate and prize for various events included