Glider Workshop

A glider is an aircraft with no engine and it is one of the simplest form of flying. If you want to learn more about flying and the concepts behind it, then this is the perfect platform to start with. This is a small aeroplane without any power source and it flies just by throwing it into the air and comes down with a gliding tendency. This is the first basic step to start Aeromodelling & to understand aerodynamics. The following topics will be covered in this module:

Basics and Familiarization


  • Lecture on scientific laws behind flying
  • Aerodynamics and Stability of a glider
  • A glider and its parts
  • Introduction to aircraft control surfaces and their functions

Designing and Fabrication


  • Basic designing a glider
  • Brief discussion of material selection
  • Improving the glider efficiency
  • Cutting methods and building tips
  • Balancing the CG of the glider

Flying and activities


  • How to launch the glider to get maximum efficiency
  • Check out the glider performance and find the areas need to improve
  • Make changes to the glider and recheck the performance
  • Repeat this for optimum performance

Flying kit and basic amenities included

Course certificate and prize for various events included